100 disks in the 00s: V.A. - Rough Trade Shops Post Punk 01

もう一枚00年代の僕を振り返る上でどうしても外すことのできないこのコンピレーション。名門Rough TradeのPost Punk特集。何も言う事がないぐらい完璧なPost Punk入門編です。これのおかげで僕もPost Punkを学ぶ事ができました。如何に僕が音楽を知らないのかってのがバレバレですがそんなもんです。これに入ってるバンドは全部聴いてみるといいと思います。ハズレ無しです。


Disc: 1
Gang Of Four - IFound That Essence Rare
Les Georges Leningrad - Georges Five
The Pop Group - We Are All Prostitutes
LiLiPUT - Die Matrosen
The Rapture - Out Of The Races And Onto The Tracks
Delta 5 - Mind Your Own Business
The Slits - Shoplifting
The Rogers Sisters - Delayed Reaction
Pigbag - Sunny Day
ESG - You're No Good
Swell Maps - Another Song
Au Pairs - You
New Age Steppers - Fade Away
Public Image Ltd - Careering
DNA - You And You
Life Without BuildingsThe Leanover
UK Decay - For My Country
Scritti Politti - Skank Bloc Bologna
The Flying Lizards - Sex Machine
The Prats - Disco Pope
Liquid Liquid - Groupmegroup
Wire - Ex Lion Tamer

Disc: 2
Bush Tetras - Too Many Creeps
The Futureheads - Robot
James White And The Blacks - Contort Yourself (Original Version)
World Domination Enterprises - Asbestos Lead Asbestos
Blurt - The Fish Needs A Bike
Family Fodder - Debbie Harry
Gramme - Like You
Magazine - Definitive Gaze
The Raincoats - Lola
bIg flame - Sink
23 Skidoo - Last Words
Chicks On Speed - Yes I Do
Erase Errata - Tongue Tied
Shockheaded Peters - I Bloodbrother Be (£4,000 Love Letter)
The Fall - Industrial Estate
Young Marble Giants - Searching For Mr Right
Crispy Ambulance - Deaf
XTC - This Is Pop?
Mo-Dettes - White Mice
Fats Comet And The Big Sound - Bop Bop
Essential Logic - Aerosol Burns
Maximum Joy - Stretch (Disco Mix/Rap)

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