Interviewed with Jennifer Clavin (Bleached, ex-Mika Miko, Cold Cave)
メールボックスを整理していたら僕がMika Mikoのライナーを書かせてもらった時にいくつかした質問のが出てきたので、原文(ちょっとだけスペルチェックアリ)ままで載せてみます。

Joe: Why did you name your band Mika Miko? It sounds like Japanese, so it's easy for Japanese to remember.

Jennifer: We wanted a name that didn't mean anything so we thought that "mika" "miko" sounded cool together. Later we found out it's really popular to name your kids Mika and Miko in Japan.

Joe: Why did you join a band?And How and where did Mika Miko start?

Jennifer: When we were in high school we would go to shows Fri, Sat, and Sun nights. Finally we were like "why don't we start a band so we can play shows?". So we did and that's how we started playing music. Jessie already knew how to play bass and Michelle kind of new guitar from her dad. So we just started to write music that we thought sounded good.

Joe: I knew many bands affected you from information about you on MySpace.What else have you been listening?

Jennifer: We love bands like Red Cross, Rubella Ballet, The Boys, Crass, New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders!!!, Herb Alpert, Grace Jones, Misfits, and of course M.I.A. (*1)

Joe: How is the relationship between Finally Punk and you going? Though I like them too.

Jennifer: We are good friends with them. Whenever we go to Austin we all hang out. Stephanie just moved here from Austin and she is so cool. we party like every weekend and sunday morning for sunday morning brunch that Jim from The Smell started. Kate, Stephanie, and I are going to play music together.

Joe: Please tell me about the music scene in LA and all over the United States these days.

Jennifer: LA's music scene is so rad! One night we will be playing at The Smell and then the next night at like some weird hotel, and then someone's parents backyard. When we go on tours I get to see what the music scene is like in other cities and Europe and sometimes I'm really surprised by how the smallest cities can have a really cool scene going on and the biggest city is so boring. My favorite though was NY's. So many people!

Joe: Jennifer,will you come to Japan next week to help No Age's Japan Tour? What will you do with them? Play instruments?

Jennifer: Yeah I am so excited! I think I'm just going to help them do their merch. Maybe sell some hand made Mika Miko tapes. I can't wait to see everything there.

Joe: I don't know what The Smell is like. Katoman, you know who he is, told me that The Smell was the best place in LA.

Jennifer: The Smell is the venue in downtown that you enter into through a dirty alley. Once you get inside it's a bunch of young people just having fun and playing music together. Anyone can volunteer there. We like to book shows there. Sometimes the shows are really crazy and sometimes they are nice and small. But no matter what they are always really fun!

Joe: Do you know any Japanese bands? Do you have some favorites?

Jennifer: I love Nisennenmondai, Total Fury, and Melt-Banana. But Nisennenmondai are my favorite!

Joe: This is the last question. What will you do when you come to Japan? Do you like Japanese food?

Jennifer: I am so excited to go. I leave in like 4 days! I want to eat so much Japanese food because I love it. I also want to buy a lot of clothes. I want to find crazy skinny pants and shoes!

September 28, 2007

*1: 確認してないのでわからないけれど、多分The Germsのアンソロジーアルバムのことだと思います。

No Ageの最初の来日の直前というなんともいいタイミングで話をもらったおかげで、その後の音楽ライフが割と楽しいことになったのは言うまでもありません。

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