SXSW & West Coast Tour 2012

When was my last update here? Anyway, my pal Gagakirise is going to SXSW again this year and, of course, so am I. But you know I’m not going to play there, just their support (and FUN). I remembered that SXSW (Music) always started on Wednesday and ended on Saturday, some parties on Sunday though, but this year it will start on Tuesday so kinda long week, means you must get sunburned and drunk more.

After SXSW we will be heading to San Diego. Then up north, Los Angeles and San Francisco. There’s no confirmed shows that I can tell you now but it’ll come out very soon. The date of the tour is below.

March 20 San Diego

March 21 Los Angeles

March 22 Los Angeles

March 23 San Francisco

March 24 Oakland/San Francisco

March 25 San Francisco.Los Angeles

March 26 Los Angeles

We’re not really sure how many shows we can play, but so much stoked because this is the first US tour for Gagakirise, and me, AND I will play solo shows in SF and LA. Please check out who we are and what we sound like.





by soundfreak1978 | 2012-02-02 22:34 | all music i love
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