Playlist for Listen! Vol.13
1st time
Gang Gang Dance / Nicoman
Dirty Projectors / No More
Antifamily / The Shaft
Effi Briest / Mirror Rim
Love Is All / Talk Talk Talk Talk
Those Dancing Days / Those Dancing Days
Thomas Tantrum / Shake It! Shake It!
Life Without Buildings / The Leanover
Chairlift / Evident Utensil
Shocking Pinks / Cutout
New Young Pony Club / The Bomb (The Teenagers Lou Crush Remix)

2nd time
Bridge Gang / London Sky Tonight
Black Lips / Not A Problem
The Prayers / Loose Lips
No Age / Everybody's Down
Finally Punk / Australia
Mika Miko / Capriconation
Ima Fuckin' Gymnist / We're Professionals
The Coathangers / Nestle In My Boobies
Violet Violet / Baby's Going Down
Die Monitr Batss / Clean Up
Erase Errata / Pass The Crimson
Les Savy Fav / What Would Wolves Do?

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