今日9/27はLand Of Talkのトロント公演のはずだったのですが、キャンセルとなってしまいました。
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saw the ENT specialist yesterday. She stuck a camera up my nose and down my throat, hummed and haawed a bit, and then told me not to speak for a week and not to sing for another a week after that.i figure y'all can do, what i call, the "sad math"...Cancelled Guelph, Hamilton, and Toronto shows!!!Here are some more things I cannot do:no alcohol. no caffeine (no chocolate!!), no dairy, no sugar, no "throat irritants" (?), no singing along to Hits Radio at the top of my lungs- stopping only to yell at the slow driver in front of me to "F*#@ing MOVE IT" and so on and so forth.the only silver lining i could find in this unfortunate cloud is this:this could be my only time to press the "reset" button on my health and sanity (interchangeable if you ask me) before the long haul of touring "Some Are Lakes" for 10 months consecutively- save a few days to play "ring around the festivus pole" ( and a few more for the odd friend's wedding. neither of which are relaxing in the least. so...sorry for all the inconvenience these cancellations have caused.We will make them up as soon as humanly i'm gonna work on my care packages for the awesomeness that is " The D'urbervilles".I have a wicked video of Greg pulling a sweet blind side 720 (or maybe it's a kickflip) on the curb outside the GradClub in Kingston. As soon as i figure out how to transfer the video from my phone to my laptop i'll either send it to them to post on their site or i'll get their permission to post it here. either way, time to get the gift wrap out and send some prezzies to the D'Uuuuuuuurbs". I think they're still doing the Guelph, Hamilton shows.They're industrial strength. Post-Industrial Strength.okay. bed time for this guy and please take care of yourselves.i'll leave you with a something i like to call "improvised blog poetry": "bodies are cool take care of yours"a little on the short side, but pretty good for my first time.i invite you to critique my work.maybe come up with your own IBP and share it with us.okay.definitely bed time. can you tell i haven't been talking for days? lots of pent up verbage.'night to all,Lizzi



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